Clarinet Mentors Live Event at Chamber Music Northwest Clarinet Celebration

Join Michelle for this exciting live event in conjunction with David Shifrin's Chamber Music Northwest Clarinet Celebration

Your registration includes:

Daily participatory Clarinet Masterclasses with Michelle and special guest artists where you will learn many pointers to help you play clarinet better.

Admission to all of the Young Artist Competition events, including the final rounds of competition.

Admission to AMAZING clarinet recitals featuring some of the world's greatest clarinetists.

Participation in the Clarinet Mentors Clarinet Choir - coached by Michelle, and possibly some guest artists.

Access to hands-on exhibits of All Things Clarinet, and Michelle can help you choose gear that works best for you.

Participation in the Clarinet Mentors Clarinet Choir - music for players of all levels.

Being part of an amazing community of like-minded clarinetists from all over the world!