Last Call! (Clarinet bonus training disappears in a few hours)

2017 training Sep 04, 2017
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Last Call! (Clarinet bonus training disappears in a few hours) Sent Monday, September 4, 2017 View as plaintext

Many people have registered for the Mastering Clarinet Music Club and the Clarinet Mastery Live Trainings since they started in January. The progress that they have made is amazing. You can have the same progress. What do they have in common with you?
  • They love playing clarinet, and want to get better
  • They have things that frustrate them and they don't know the best way to fix them (such as high notes don't respond well, a section of music is just too hard for the fingers to play smoothly, rhythms that don't make sense)
  • They improve in anything in life when there is a structure set up to help them improve on a regular basis (How about having a twice-monthly opportunity to check in live, online, with me, to ask me any of your clarinet challenges and get personal feedback from me?)
It is Labour Day here in Canada, where we honour the hard work that we all do. (If you are American, I know that spelling will look funny!)  I want to support your hard work on the clarinet, and hopefully make it feel more like fun, and less like work.
I have a special opportunity for you to join both of my Monthly Clarinet Mastery Programs. If you register in the next 6 hours or so, I will give you a scholarship to my Better Clarinet Tone course, which I think has some of my most valuable clarinet basics ($97 value as my gift to you).
You can find the details here. Our next Clarinet Mastery Live Training is September 9th, so if you join now, you can be a part of our next session. 
I hope to see you there!
PS - This link will take you a video page with full details. The order button appears after a few minutes.

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