New School Year - New Approach To Your Clarinet? (even if you are no longer in school...)

2017 training Sep 02, 2017
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New School Year - New Approach To Your Clarinet? (even if you are no longer in school...) Sent Saturday, September 2, 2017 View as plaintext

Learning is always a priority of mine, and I make it a point to study new things every week. School starts  here next week, and it always make me think about the new things that I would like to learn. How about you? I'm still learning new skills on my clarinet, and new ways to teach those skills. I would like you to always be able to share in my newest teachings and learnings on the clarinet, which I believe help all of us to play better, and learn much more quickly.
Would you benefit from:
  • Two live sessions a month where you can ask me any clarinet question you like? Seriously - If you are having trouble with anything, I'll do my best to help you find a solution.
  • Joining an active community of mature amateur adults that love playing clarinet and supporting each other, sharing knowledge and in general, cheering each other on? (Some of them even get together online and play duets together, even if they are in different countries.)
  • Every month, having new clarinet music, chosen from some of my favourites, delivered to you with several short video lessons on how best to learn the music
  • Videos lessons to help you improve musicality, tone, fingering, articulation and well, just about all things that help us to sound better on the clarinet
I sent out an email a few days ago with a recording of the great free live clarinet training that I hosted last weekend. I had mentioned briefly that I had a special offer until September 1st, and I forgot to send the reminder email that I usually send. People have been asking me with the special deal is, and if they can still get it. I have extended my special offer to Monday evening, Sept. 4th. It is a holiday weekend here, so that gives you the weekend to sign up before school, and other things in life for me resume on Tuesday.
This special deal is access to my Clarinet Mastery Live Trainings (2/month), and my Mastering Clarinet Music Club (new repertoire and video lessons every month) in a great package deal. The super-duper bonus is that if you try these before Sept. 4th (that's in the next 2 days) you get a bonus scholarship to one of my $97 courses!!!! Better Clarinet Tone will be included in your membership, and if you are already a student of that course you can choose one of my other courses instead. 
What are you waiting for?
You know that you want to play clarinet more easily.... 
You know that you want the ongoing support and structure to do this....
Find out full details here, and act soon!
I have a video that explains everything in these Monthly Clarinet Trainings.
The order button appears after a few minutes into the video on the same page.
I'd love to see you on my next Clarinet Mastery Live Training!
PS - if you try this, there is a 100%, 30-day money back guarantee, You can learn a lot of new skills before you need to fully commit (although I bet you'll stay if you try it!) 

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