How Do You Improve Your Confidence As A Clarinetist?

The first video here is a mini-lesson that gives you about three concrete strategies to improve your confidence in your clarinet playing. You can also download the Clarinet Mentors Practise Planner, a valuable tool to build confidence. There is video explaining how to use it. There are also links at the bottom of the page to other resources that can help your clarinet playing.



Highlights from this video:

  1. We are our own worst critic, and we want to turn our inner critic into a productive "How can I improve that challenge?" coach.
  2. The best way to improve our confidence is to intentionally create mini success experiences, every day that we play our clarinet.
  3. The best way to create mini success experiences, every day that we play our clarinet, is to create a plan to improve one very small area of our playing, and follow it.
  4. For step-3 to work best, we need to know HOW to improve that area of our playing, and there are tools available to help us.
  5. If you want some handy tools, download the Clarinet Mentors Practise Planner below and look at all the free video training resources on this page.



Ready To Try Improving Your Clarinet Confidence This Week?

Press the blue button to download your Clarinet Mentors Practise Planner. The video below gives you details on how to use it.

How To Effectively Use The Clarinet Mentors Practise Planner


Need Help With Your Practise Focus?

Here are some free resources that you can use to help you improve your clarinet playing while you use the Clarinet Mentors Practise Planner

Better Clarinet Tone

Click here to sign up for a free set of Better Clarinet Tone exercises from a 5-Day course that Michelle broadcast live, 15-minutes per day.

Easier Clarinet High Notes

Click here to receive some free training videos on how to play clarinet high notes more easily, with better tone and control.

Faster Clarinet Fingers

Do your fingers slow you down? Sign up for some free training videos here to improve your Clarinet Finger Technic.